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Take a Tour in The Great Vineyards of Southern Oregon Wineries. The Rogue Valley is home to over 60 wineries, and each has its own unique flavor and charm.

A Taste of Honey offers the ultimate in Wine Tours, here in the Rogue Valley. Enjoy an afternoon of Wine Tasting, where your friendly and knowledgeable Chauffer will take you to a selection of exceptional Wineries, known for great tasting wine and warm hospitality.

A usual Tour includes;

Luxury Limousine Vehicle

Friendly, Knowledgeable Chauffer

Bottled Water, Ice, Bar Setup

A choice of 4 Wineries


Here is a list of Wineries & Tasting Rooms in the Rogue Valley. All venues are grouped in areas arranged by proximity to each other.

Upper Rogue Tel # Bear Creek Wineries Tel # Medford/Central Point Area Tel #
 Agate Ridge 541-830-3050
 Aurora Vines  541-535-5287
 2 Hawk Winery  541-779-9463
 Cliff Creek Cellars 541-855-5330  Grizzly Peak Winery  541-482-5700  Eden Vale Winery  541-512-2955x2
 Crater Lake Cellars 541-878-4200  Paschal Winery  541-535-7957  Ledger David Cellars  541-664-2218
 Del Rio Vineyards 541-855-2062  Pebblestone Winery  541-512-1704  Pacific Wine Club  541-245-3334
 Kriselle Cellars 541-830-8466  Stoneriver Vineyard  541-535-4661  Roxy Ann Winery  541-776-2315
 LaBrasseur Vineyard 541-865-3648  Trium Winery  541-535-4015  
 Wiesingers of Ashland  541-488-5389  

 Jacksonville Area Tel #  Ruch/Applegate Area Tel #  North Applegate Area Tel #
  Caprice Vineyards  541-499-0449  Bridgeview Vineyards  541-592-4688  Plaisance Ranch  541-846-7175
 Daisy Creek Vineyard  541-899-8329  Cowhorn Vineyard  541-899-6876  Rosella’s Vineyard  541-846-6372
 Dancin Vineyards  541-245-1133  Cricket Hill Winery  541-899-7264  Schmidt Family Vineyards  541-846-9985
 Merrill Cellars  541-899-7337  Devitt Winery  541-899-7511  Serra Vineyards  541-846-9223
 Quady North Winery  541-702-2123  Fiasco Winery  541-846-3022  Soloro Vineyards  541-862-2693
 South Stage Cellars  541-899-9120  John Michael Champagne  541-846-0810  Troon Vineyards  541-846-9900
 Longsword & Fly High  541-899-1746  Woolridge Creek Winery  541-846-6364
Red Lily Vineyards  541-846-6800
Valley View Winery  541-899-8468


The average Wine Tour takes 4-5 hours depending on pick up location, size of party and how readily the venue can accommodate you. The pricing for our Wine Tours of 4 hours or more are as follows;

Stretch Limousine (6 Passenger) - $70 per hr

Ultra Stretch Limousine (10 Passenger) - $80 per hr

Super Stretch Limousine (14 Passenger) - $90 per hr

Party Bus (25 Passenger) - $120 per hr

Please call us for special pricing if you would like a customized tour, that may include less or more wineries, or additional stops.

Note: There is no additional surcharge for mileage or fuel for our Wine Tours. A 20% gratuity will be added to the total price for our drivers. Wineries usually have their own tasting fees which are not included in our prices. Some venues may have restricted access for our larger vehicles, which may limit choices.